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FAQ’s in the Salon

How often should you get your brows waxed/tweezed?

We would usually recommend 4-6 weeks.  Of course, it also depends on your own hair growth too.  Generally, if you leave it more than 6 weeks, you are essentially re-shaping your brow again.

How long should a brow tint last?

Generally, a tint should last 3-3 ½ weeks.  Avoid scrubbing the brow area to allow the tint to last that little bit longer

Which should be done first; tan application or a brow wax?

We recommend that you get your brow wax at least 48 hours prior to tan application.  After waxing, the pores are open and you may be susceptible to a break out if you apply tan shortly after.  The skin would also be quite fresh and may not allow the tan to stick to the waxed area.

Can I do a sun bed and get my brows waxed on the same day?

No! We recommend that you leave at least 48 hours between getting your brows waxed and doing a sun bed or visa versa.

Do I need to get a patch test in order to get my brows tinted?

We recommend you get a patch test prior to the first time you tint your eyebrows in our salon.  We do have a facility within the salon to decline the patch test if you are confident you will have no reaction to the tint.

What can I expect after getting my brows waxed?

Everybody reacts differently and some people do not react at all.  Generally, you can expect to have temporary redness or slight irritation.  Some may experience a slight breakout but this is rare.

What should I do in between waxes?

We recommend that you do not touch your brows in between waxes.   However, if you feel it is necessary, then just pluck the very stray hairs and stay clear of the arch.

How do I get my unruly brows to sit in place?

We recommend using a Brow Gel to help keep the hairs in place, and to help keep the shape in your brows.  Brushing the brows into place regularly can also help to train the brows to sit in a desired way.

Can certain medication effect waxing?

Yes, it can! Certain medication can thin the skin or cause the skin to become a little more sensitive, thus, waxing can be a lot harsher on the skin.

Can certain creams/products effect waxing the brow area? .

Yes, certain creams can affect your waxing treatment.  You need to take particular note if you are using/taking Retin, Retinal (Vit A), Accutane, antibiotics, Benzoil Peroxide, prescribed and non-prescribed medications.  We would advise taking extra care when cleansing your face after a brow wax.  For example, avoid exfoliating the waxed area.

Can I get my brows waxed if I’ve had a laser peel, Laser hair removal/epilation, Phenol Peel, Microdermabrasion, botox/filler?

We recommend leaving a 4 week gap in between a brow wax and any of the treatments listed above.  (these treatments are only a concern when carried out on or around the brow area).

Can I have my brows waxed if I am using; Retin, Retinal (Vit A), Accutane, antibiotics, Benzoil Peroxide, prescribed and non-prescribed medications?

Generally, the skin is more sensitive when using/taking any of the above.  Thus, we would NOT recommend waxing as it can cause severe damage to the skin.

What should I stay away from after having my brows waxed?

We would advise that you stay away from all heat treatments, such as, a hot tub, bath or sauna, spa pool, sun, sunbed, strongly perfumed products for at least 48 hours.

What can I do to help hair growth on my brows?

We recommend using Caster Oil as Caster Oil nourishes the hair follicles and encourages hair growth.  Applying Caster Oil to the brows and brow area once a day should encourage hair growth.  It can also be left on overnight.  While it is known to encourage hair growth, this may not be the result for everyone.

I have very thin/sparce brows.  Is there any way I can thicken them up?

Yes, absolutely. Tinting the brows helps to darken the thin, fair hairs that you can’t really see.  Grabbing these thin hairs allows the brow to look fuller and become more defined.

Do The Brow Factory do HD Brows?

HD Brows is a brand.  We don’t work under the brand name but do provide a similar service.  We cater for everyone’s individual needs – we provide a consultation, map out the brow and discuss colour options to help you to achieve your brow goals.

Can I get my brows tinted with tan on my face?

It is important to be aware that when tinting your eyebrows, while you have tan on your face, there is a strong possibility that the tint will react with the tan and possibly stain a green or orange colour.

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